Looking Beyond Covid-19

I accept that this is viewed as a major human catastrophe. But is the picture really all that bleak? We still live in a very beautiful world. Birds continue to sing in our gardens. For those who care to look, the sun still rises in the mornings and sets in the evenings..... ... Read More

Spotted Hyena – Africa’s Ultimate Carnivore?

The topic of “top carnivores” often comes up for discussion, and for the purpose of comparison in this article, we are looking at Africa’s land mammals, therefore excluding killing machines such as Nile crocodiles and Great White sharks. So, of the high-profile carnivores that roam the wilderness areas of Africa, which would be considered to be the most successful? Lion? Leopard? Cheetah? Painted hunting dog? Or perhaps spotted hyena? ... Read More

Magical Marataba

A place of pure beauty and mystery set amongst the Waterberg mountains, one of the oldest mountain ranges in the world estimated to be about half the age of the earth at 1.8 – 2.2 billion years old. ... Read More

How and where can I catch Tigerfish on the fly

Few people can say they have had the opportunity to tackle the mighty tigerfish on a fly. Many avid fly anglers might not even be aware that such a fish exists. But all walk away from the experience with a new respect for freshwater fly-fishing and what Africa has to offer. ... Read More