Let our expert on-the-ground team guide you through the complexity and opacity of Africa by creating a custom-made Safari for you.

We are overjoyed to have the opportunity to invite you on your next adventure with Completely Unique Safaris, affectionately known as C.U.S.  The trip ideas you’ll explore with us are all designed to enable you to experience the kind of safari that we would take ourselves – to put you in the places that a guide would go, to see the most spectacular wildlife in the most captivating times of year.


The internet has made the job of the “do-it-yourself” adventure planner harder, not easier. Although finding a great hotel rate in Seattle or Austin is just a few clicks away, searching for safari information on the internet is more like entering a labyrinth!


Whether you are a safari novice, or regularly feel the pull of the continent and return there again and again, we really want you to have the best possible experience, through-and-through. We design trips out of pure passion: the desire to see you immersed in, and transformed by, the African bush.

It’s time for no-limit-dreaming in Africa. For a high-end experience from the premium partner in a world that is completely unlike any you’ve explored before.