Kibale Forest National Park: Why it is one of the best places to go chimpanzee trekking

Kibale National Forest is located in southern Uganda and is home to not only a large population of chimpanzees (approximately 1500) but 12 other primate species, making Kibale one of the most diverse rainforests in East Africa.

The park connects to Queen Elizabeth National Park with a 180km long wildlife corridor. The adjoining of these National Parks creates an important conservation area and allows free movement of wildlife between the two National Parks.



What wildlife can we see while trekking or at the lodge?

Most guests will spend two (2) nights in the park and dedicate one full day to trekking the chimpanzees. Even though the chimps are the focus for many coming to the park, there are many other primates to see. Red colobus monkeys, black and white colobus monkeys, mangaby, L’hoest’s monkey and red-tailed monkey are all seen with regularity while trekking. The birding in the park is also exceptional, with over 300 species recorded including green-breasted and African pittas. Bushpigs, forest elephant, forest buffalo, leopard, forest hogs, African golden cat and small antelopes occur in the park and in the forest, but these animals are often shy and seeing them while trekking on foot is unlikely. However, you will see tracks and signs of these animals while trekking.



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