Ruaha: why it’s one of the best-known National Parks in Tanzania for a safari

Ruaha National Park is one of the best places in Tanzania to spot predators. During the dry season, the Great Ruaha River dries to a narrow stream and all of the resident animal populations must visit the river banks to quench their thirst. Ruaha is well-known for its large prides of lion that seek larger game such as buffalo due to their strong numbers. Other predators such as leopard, cheetah, and hyena can also be found in the park. Wild dog packs also live in Ruaha, so during a classic dry season safari, a game drive around the limited water sources provides for tremendous wildlife viewing.

Ruaha is a remote park in southern Tanzania, well off the beaten path of first-time safari-goers. However, its renown as a park that hosts incredible numbers of classic safari animals, from elephant and buffalo, to kudu and giraffe, to the most impressive cats, is the reason why travelers will fly into this very large, majestic reserve.

See it or skip it? Ruaha National Park is a safari destination unto itself

For safari-goers seeking a place to explore that is more remote and doesn’t get crowded, Ruaha is an excellent choice. While it is an ambitious destination for first-time safari guests, Ruaha is a wonderful option for first-timers who want to plan a multiple-week safari that provides for total wildlife immersion, or for travelers who wish to return to Tanzania to explore places they didn’t see on their prior trip. The best time to visit is July through December and January. In the wet season, many camps are closed as the park becomes less accessible and the wildlife spreads out through the huge reserve.

Ruaha: why it's one of the best-known National Parks in Tanzania for a safariSafaris


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