Botswana is a true conservation success story. Almost 50% of the population is employed by the tourism industry. The country’s most striking features are its flatness and aridity – with the exception of the eastern part of Botswana, where the summer rainfall is slightly higher, and the remarkable Okavango Delta, a wetland within a desert that receives its waters from rain falling in central Africa, 1 000km away.

Okavango Delta

One of the world’s biggest inland deltas and a World Heritage Site, the Okavango Delta is one of the richest and most varied habitats in Africa and ranks as one of the world’s top wildlife destinations. The Okavango Delta is 15 000 square kilometres of water channels, lagoons and islands, forming one of the most incredible wilderness sanctuaries in Africa.

Central Kalahari

A place that may seem barren at first sight is in fact home to a full spectrum of plants and animals, as well as people (the ancient San). The Central Kalahari Game Reserve is a vast expanse of scrub-covered fossil dunes between ancient river valleys it has a fascinating spectrum of very different plants and animals. With the rains (Nov-April), the desert comes to life, with hordes of plains game followed by numbers of predators, producing some of the best summer wildlife viewing in Botswana.


A place of woodland and unusual watercourses, the Linyanti in northern Botswana boasts the famous Savute Channel, an ancient and sporadic watercourse attracting abundant wildlife, and the productive Linyanti River. This area is famous for its huge concentrations of elephant in the dry season and big game viewing year round.

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