Wild, intoxicating, and altogether unearthly, Madagascar is the only Afro-Asiatic island on the planet – a compelling unification of Indo-Malayan culture and ancient African landscape. Madagascar exists as its own standalone destination, famed for its extreme kaleidoscopic wonderland of nature, most of which you can’t find anywhere else in the world. Five-percent of all the world’s known animal and plant species can be found here and here alone


Madagascar’s capital city resembles a lovely Mediterranean town nestled in the rolling landscape, its red clay houses and imposing churches clustered idyllically along its sacred hills. Once inside, however, the bustling and sometimes chaotic atmosphere of the country’s largest metropolis provides an eccentric yet representative first taste of the unique experience ahead throughout the rest of the country.

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Stretches of coastline, barrier reefs, and remote islands all vie for attention with the promise of underwater shipwrecks, magnificent marine life, pristine sun-soaked beaches, and humpback breaching. Madagascar’s foremost beach destination.

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